ACCIDENTS HAPPEN-Brian Mullins Insurance Brokers gives some easy to follow pointers on what steps to

take if things go wrong in your salon.

It’s not realistic in business to assume that there will never be problems. So what to do when things go wrong? Here is some advice in seven steps:

1. Reassure the client and ask them to call in to meet with you. This will enable you to assess the extent of any damage and confirm that an injury/discomfort to the client has occurred.

2. Do not admit liability until such time as you have had an

opportunity to investigate the claims and also notify your


3. Get the therapist concerned to provide a signed statement in writing outlining the full sequence of events from the time of treatment to the notification that a claim may be forthcoming.

4. Ensure that your client record card is up to date and accurate.

5.Notify your insurers providing the following information.

i) Date and time of the treatment

ii) Details of your client

iii) Details of the therapist

iv) Details of the treatment being provided

v) A copy of your client’s record card

vi) Forward any correspondence received to your insurers

6. Update your insurers with any further developments.

7. Review your in-house procedures to see if there is anyway that you can avoid a similar incident from reoccurring.

Remember that the majority of all claims can either be reduced or avoided if handled in a professional manner.

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