Updated: Jan 7

Now available in Ireland, Cocoon Medical’s Elysion is

leading the way in the laser hair removal market.

Cocoon Medical was established over 10 years ago with a head office in

Barcelona. In that time it has grown rapidly to become one of Europe’s largest

manufacturers of aesthetic technology. Its strategy is based on developing innovative high quality devices at affordable prices. It offers systems for laser hair removal, fat freezing, skin rejuvenation and skin tightening. Its Primelase system is the world’s most powerful and fastest laser hair removal system allowing salons to treat full legs in just 10 minutes. This is revolutionising the laser hair removal market.

For salons looking to enter this market, Cocoon’s Elysion is the market leader

offering a high spec, high quality device at an affordable price. Cocoon supplies over 80pc of all laser franchises in Spain and sells in over 25 countries worldwide. Since its launch this year in Ireland it has proved to be a big success with lasers now in many counties around the country. Cocoon also supports customers with a comprehensive marketing launch programme to ensure their success.

According to Cocoon Medical, the market for lasers is in some ways split

between high end, very expensive devices and low end cheap, devices. It is therefore often prohibitively expensive or difficult to justify the investment with highly priced

devices while trying to introduce advanced treatments into your beauty business or

alternatlively you take a big risk on purchasing a cheap device that has no back up ,support or required training. With this in mind Cocoon has bridged the gap with high quality medical grade devices at affordable prices with professional marketing support and an amazing back up and after sales service which in the long run can provide a fast return on your investment and be a highly profitable addition to your beauty treatment business.

Why Elysion?

Elysion is a high powered Diode laser device. The laser is selectively absorbed by the

melanin in the hair follicle to conduct heat to the base or root of the hair. In doing so it cuts of the blood flow and the hair dies. This action is known as photothermolysis. What makes Elysion different is that it has more power and delivers each pulse incredibly quickly to ensure better results. It also has a sophisticated integrated cooling system to ensure the treatment is pain free and comfortable for clients, a big improvement over older painful technology. It is also very fast pulsing at three pulses per second to minimise treatment time and maximise

revenue per hour making it the most profitable laser in the market.

Elysion is ideal for clinics and salons looking to introduce laser hair removal as it offers very good value with a high quality and specification device at a reasonable price. Elysion offers advantages over other lasers with better results on all skin types, pain free and super fast treatment. Cocoon also provide marketing support to help launch Elysion in clinics and salons to ensure commercial success.

As business manager for Cocoon Medical in Ireland, Heidi McCann (pictured above) has over 20 years’ experience working in the aesthetic and cosmetic industry. Having previously run her own aesthetic clinic in Dublin, she was the first to introduce advanced treatments such as

radio-frequency and LED light photo-rejevenation technology into Ireland. This gave her the experience to fully understand salon owners’ requirements in terms of business development, support and marketing, particularly in Ireland as customer demands and requirements can differ  from those of the UK. Her extensive experience to date has given her the specialist skills required to successfully develop her new role with Cocoon Medical and she is now looking forward to meeting all her new clients.

For more information on Elysion laser hair removal visit or call Heidi direct on 086 0476300.


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