RECRUITMENT2020: ARE YOU HIRING READY? Recruitment is a burning issue in the spa and beauty industry

with forums, events and blogs inundated with business owners reaching out for assistance, writes mentor and spa consultant Diahann Buckley. 

High employee turnover impacts your reputation, work efficiency, your bottom line and, let us be honest, your mental health! Let’s step back for a moment and see where you can address the issue head-on. Firstly, just remember staff changes are inevitable, there are many motivators behind staff moving on. In order to understand your situation, you need to step back objectively and apply the basics.

Competency – don’t hire because you need to fill a role, ensure the competency level is there. It’s a must-have on your list. Ethics and value – you are not just recruiting employees, but are sowing the seeds of your reputation. Professionalism and ethical behaviour in the workplace is essential. Strive to embody your values and ethos as a professional and lead by example. Attitude improves productivity and effectiveness. Make sure they are a fit for your ethos and your team.

I suggest a trial period and a staff day where you see the whole team interact. Only invest in positive proactive employees, you have no time to waste on negative team members. Research

ruthlessly their last employers’ feedback and indeed how they parted ways –

history will repeat itself.

When building a team allow for growth in numbers of employees to support business growth. Create an internal career progression path that supports the retention of staff members. Build in skill training for practical treatment delivery, but also business training. Building and growing a team for longevity is the ultimate goal for return on your investment.

Staff retention - Once you have your team it is all about retention. Human resources are your business partner, critical to the success of the business. Take a proactive approach to team management and the business will take care of itself. Have confidence in your work ability and freely share this knowledge with your colleagues, support them positively and productively. Supporting open communication with the team is key to dealing with daily stresses of business and unforeseen events.

Know your employees and work together in maximising return on their time and flexibility. Find out what motivates each individual; some employees just want a pay cheque, others want career progression, to win awards, work part-time, grow their revenue with a retail commission or

simply feel appreciated. Employees want to work in a fair environment where they are equally heard and valued.

In recruiting, there are no good or bad experiences –

just learning experiences.

Do you have an exit interview?

Have a process set up and find out why some are leaving. Building your loyal workforce with minimal employee turnover does not happen by chance. It starts with you, your approach and hiring the professional with a match of skill and character. Invest in your HR and get assistance if required from you industry experts. We are here to help.

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